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Firm Overview

The Law Office of Jay G. Wall is a family-run criminal defense firm that I started with my wife, Christy, to help people in Cherokee and Cobb Counties who need help at one of life’s toughest moments.

Whether it is a one-time mistake, you are struggling with addiction, or this is not your first brush with the law, I can help you find a resolution that protects your interests and helps you move on with your life.

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The Trial Attorney Difference

Honest, Expert Lawyers

I pride myself on and am known for my skills at trial. For you, this means you will have an attorney in your corner who understands the finer points of crafting compelling arguments for judges and juries, how to present evidence and how to cross-examine witnesses to cast doubt.

This does not mean that your case will go to trial. However, it does mean that I am well-positioned to evaluate the prosecution’s case against you and help you determine whether a trial is the best path forward for asserting your rights.

I place a premium on communication with my clients to help them get a better grasp of their options and potential outcomes. I will always work with you to help you make informed choices that work best for you, whether it is to negotiate a plea agreement, proceed to trial or seek a dismissal.

Learn More at a Consultation

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, I invite you to contact my law firm to learn about the high-quality representation that I can offer. To schedule a consultation, fill out my online contact form or call my office in Woodstock at (678) 362-3176. REACH OUT TODAY!