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Mental Health and Criminal Defense

Mentally ill individuals have an increased risk of acting passionately or violently. Unfortunately, the disruptive behavior caused by their mental health condition can cause the person to commit a crime, even without any intent. Thankfully, the Georgia criminal...

Shoplifting Charges in Georgia

The common perception of shoplifting is that of someone who conceals an item in a handbag or jacket and walks out without paying for it. While that is certainly shoplifting, under Georgia’s legal code other circumstances can also rise to the level of shoplifting. For...

Prosecuting Drug Overdose Cases

Equivalent to the rest of the country, Georgia is facing a rise in overdose deaths from opioids, specifically fentanyl and other drugs, even prescription drug clones, that are laced with deadly doses of fentanyl. In June 2022, after a seven-month investigation, a...

Heroin & Opioid Epidemic

The Substance Abuse Research Council (SARA), an alliance of more than 60 researchers and practitioners, issued a White Paper in 2017 declaring that “opioid and heroin use in Georgia seriously threatens the health, prosperity and general wellbeing of Georgians...

Will I Lose My License After Being Charged with a DUI?

In Georgia, it is illegal for a motorist to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. Depending on the number of prior convictions and other surrounding circumstances, a Georgia DUI conviction may result in hefty fines, lengthy...

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