Not understanding the stand your ground law in Georgia could mean the difference between you legally walking away from a situation where you had to use a deadly weapon and ending up in the back of a cruiser headed to jail. If you are a weapon owner who believes in using it to protect yourself and your family, then you need to understand the applicable laws. Just because you legally own a weapon does not mean that every use is legal.

Making a wrong move could end with you behind bars for a long time. Even if you think you are right in a situation, the law may say otherwise. Understanding the stand your ground law can make things easier for you. It can be a little confusing, though, so there are two specific points of this law that you must know.

1.The other person must use deadly force against you

According to Bearing Arms, you cannot shoot someone because they scare you or because you think they could potentially hurt you. You have to know that the other person has the ability to kill you by seeing evidence, such as a deadly weapon, or by the perception that the other person has the means to harm you. For example, if you see a weapon, you can take that as a viable threat. You do not need to know if it real or not.

2.You do not have to retreat

WRDW explains that many states have a requirement in their stand your ground laws to try to get away from the situation before using deadly force, but Georgia’s law does not. As long as you are in a place where the law allows you to be, then you have no duty to try to leave before you take action.

Remember that using deadly force against someone you see as a threat is only legal if you follow the points of the law. Keeping these two points in mind can help you when you are faced with a situation where you consider using a deadly weapon against another person.