An arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia may leave you full of fear and uncertainty. If you are convicted or choose to plead guilty, you could face a variety of consequences, including being ordered to participate in the state’s DUI, alcohol or drug use risk reduction program. At the Law Office of Jay G. Wall, we have helped numerous clients understand the potential penalties of a DUI arrest and their obligations for DUI class participation.

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, those who are convicted of DUI, underage drinking and driving, boating under the influence or certain drug crimes are required to participate in a DUI, alcohol or drug use risk reduction course. Regardless of the school you choose, you are expected to complete each session and adhere to the attendance policies.

Risk reduction courses consist of two parts – the assessment and the intervention. You are required to complete both portions in order to receive your certificate of completion, which you must submit to the Department of Driver Services. For the assessment component, you will answer a battery of questions meant to evaluate the extent of your alcohol use, as well as its impact on your driving. The intervention portion of the program is a 20-hour course that is split up over several sessions. These sessions are held in a group environment and are meant to provide peer group counseling and therapeutic education.

You are responsible for the cost of participating in the state’s risk reduction program. As of July 2014, the fee for these courses is $355, which includes the costs of both components and a workbook. More information about the potential repercussions and financial costs of drunk driving arrests is available on our website.