Georgia takes drunk driving very seriously. Not only does it endanger the lives of others, but it can also negatively impact you in a number of ways. As a result, you can expect a range of severe consequences after your arrest, some of which may have a lasting effect on your life. Very Well Mind explains some of these consequences.

You’ll get a fine

If it’s your first offense, you’ll be faced with a minimum fine. Fines can be increased depending on the circumstances, which is common when injuries or property damage results from a DUI. Other fees will also be your responsibility. This includes court costs, lawyer fees, and fees for alcohol education classes. In some cases, a first-time offense can incur thousands of dollars before the case is resolved.

Your license may be suspended

The duration of a license suspension depends on a few factors. Repeat offenders may lose their licenses for a period of years or even have it revoked. First-time offenders usually lose driving privileges for a few months, although it can vary depending on the details. Some states issue hardship licenses during suspensions, which allow limited driving privileges.

You could do jail time

Minimal jail time is not uncommon for first offenses. Most states have mandatory jail sentencing for DUIs, which can range from a few days to a few months. In serious cases, a person may be incarcerated for a year or longer. Once the jail term is completed you will be placed on probation. You must meet with your probation officer as mandated and follow the terms of your probation to avoid a violation. When a violation occurs, you’ll likely be sent back to jail.