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Building Tough Defenses Against Drug Charges

To reduce the amount of controlled substances in circulation, Georgia has taken a strict no-tolerance stance on drugs. If law enforcement discovers drugs on your person or property, an arrest typically follows.

Local Experience Working For You

At the Law Office of Jay G. Wall in Woodstock, I have handled a diverse range of drug-related charges. As a local attorney with nearly a decade of trial experience, I am acutely familiar with the Cherokee County and Cobb County court systems. During my practice, I have developed strong relationships with the area judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agents. I know how each party will treat drug cases and how to tailor a strong defensive strategy to the opposition’s argument. Whenever possible, I advocate for alternative sentencing methods.

Penalties And Schedules

Georgia follows the DEA controlled substance schedule system, which categorizes drugs into one of five schedules based on any approved medical uses, the risk of addiction and the potential for abuse. The severity of your charge depends on the amount and substance involved and other mitigating factors. Aside from marijuana, possession of a controlled substance is a felony charge. If you have prior convictions or if you were arrested in a school zone, you face much harsher penalties.

Don’t Let A Drug Charge Hold You Back

A drug conviction can adversely affect college admissions and financial aid, employment opportunities and professional certification. Whether you are facing your first misdemeanor possession charge after a traffic stop or you have prior drug-related felony convictions, I can help you find the best possible outcome.

To learn more about your options and how to plot a course toward a successful resolution, call my office in Woodstock at 678-362-3176 or reach my firm online.

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