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Protecting Your Ability To Drive After A DUI Arrest

An evening out with your significant other or friends can quickly take a downturn if you are pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving. Law enforcement officers in Woodstock, Cherokee County and Cobb County rarely let drivers off with a warning, even if the driver has an otherwise clean record.

If you are arrested for DUI, you need a skilled lawyer to protect your rights and driving privileges. At the Law Office of Jay G. Wall, I can help you fight the charge and stay behind the wheel.

Using The System To Your Advantage

DUI testing and enforcement is not an exact science, and law enforcement officers make mistakes. Police may arrest a driver for DUI who is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Fortunately, it is possible to invalidate an arrest or have a charge dismissed by carefully reviewing the testing evidence and details of the stop. As a Your DUI Pro Certified criminal defense attorney, I know how to use the facts of the prosecution’s case while undermining their position to attain a successful outcome.

Fighting On Two Fronts

Most DUI cases involve two separate proceedings, a criminal and a civil case. The civil proceedings relate to your driving privileges whereas the criminal case determines guilt and an appropriate penalty. Potential penalties include:

  • Steep fines
  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • DUI class attendance
  • License suspension for one year or longer

Fast Action Is A Must

A DUI not only affects your ability to drive, but it can also negatively impact your reputation, employment opportunities and insurance rates for years to come. The suspension starts 30 days after an arrest unless you request a hearing within 10 days, so you must act quickly.

You cannot win a DUI case if you do not fight it. Even if the prosecution’s case against you seems airtight, there may be an alternative solution. Find out more by arranging a consultation at my office in Woodstock by calling 678-362-3176 or reach my firm via email.

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