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Answering Common Questions

During an initial consultation at the Law Office of Jay G. Wall, I’m often asked similar questions relating to a criminal charge. While each case is different, I provided the information below to help you understand the basics of the criminal justice system.

Should I Accept A Plea Bargain?

When faced with the prospect of jail, a plea bargain may seem like a good option. But keep in mind, the prosecution has a specific agenda and the plea deal may be the easiest way to achieve it. Before accepting a plea deal, speak with your attorney. Even if your conviction would be for a lesser crime, a criminal charge carries lasting negative effects.

What Will Happen To My Record?

If convicted, the charge will go on your criminal record. A criminal record can affect your ability to find work and your relationships and can cause cascading financial problems. Georgia permits the expungement of certain crimes, giving you a clean slate to start fresh.

Will I Go To Jail?

Many misdemeanor and felony offenses are punishable by incarceration. Whether or not you will go to jail depends on the severity of your crime and aggravating factors such as prior convictions.

Should I Talk To Police When Questioned?

If questioned by law enforcement, your instinct may be to answer their questions to end the encounter. But any statements you make have the potential to be used against you. Avoid inadvertently incriminating yourself by only talking to police with a lawyer present.

The Police Say They Can Seize My Assets — Is That True?

Under Georgia’s civil forfeiture law, police can seize your property if they suspect it is connected to a crime, even if you have not been formally charged or convicted. Law enforcement can keep the property if they are able to demonstrate how the assets are connected to a crime through a preponderance of evidence.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

I can answer them during an initial consultation. To schedule an appointment at my Woodstock office, call my firm at 678-362-3176 or send me an email.

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