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Criminal Defense Attorney in Woodstock, Georgia

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation in Cherokee County

If you have been arrested, it is almost certain that you need a criminal defense attorney. There are decisions you face that will have a big effect on the outcome of your case. My firm, the Law Office of Jay G. Wall, aggressively defends against all types of criminal offenses.

As a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, I can handle all aspects of your case from start to finish, including a jury trial if necessary. With nearly a decade of criminal trial practice experience, I can give you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome to your case. Whether you're facing criminal charges in Woodstock, Canton, Holly Springs, or Kennesaw, GA, contact me today to put my experience to work for you.

Let Me Help You Fight Your Charges

Experienced Help for Any Type of Criminal Charge

Located in Woodstock, Georgia, my firm serves clients in Cherokee and Cobb counties, and throughout the region, who are facing misdemeanor and felony charges related to:

  • Drunk driving and any type of moving violation that could cost you your license and burden you with fines and high insurance rates

  • Drug charges involving any illegal substance, from marijuana to heroin to illegal prescription drugs

  • Domestic violence and any other violent offense, such as assault

  • Juvenile offenses that can make it harder for your child to get into college or find a job

  • Armed robbery and other types of theft and burglary charges

  • Weapons charges that could make it harder for you to own a firearm

  • Probation violations that can send you back to jail

As a former prosecutor, I am well-versed in the tactics they will use to try to quickly wrap up your case, including asset forfeiture and trying to convince you that you have no other options.

Whether you were arrested in Woodstock, Canton, Holly Springs, Kennesaw, or any of the surrounding areas, remember that you have rights — one of which is to have an attorney’s help. I can investigate the charges and evaluate witnesses and evidence to look for the best way forward for you.

Call Today For Help

Do not delay in seeking help. You can contact my law firm online or call my office in Woodstock today at 678-946-2530 to schedule your consultation.