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Juvenile Offenses Attorney in Woodstock, Georgia

Guiding Your Child Through The Juvenile Justice System

Although children and young adults know the difference between right and wrong, they often struggle to understand the lasting consequences of unlawful behavior. At the Law Office of Jay G. Wall, I want to prevent one impulsive decision or act from hindering your child’s future.

As a former prosecutor with nearly 10 years of trial experience, I know how the opposition charges juvenile offenses, which allows me to build a stronger defense.

Let Me Help You And Your Family

Promoting Justice and Focusing On Rehabilitation

In Georgia, juvenile offenses are cases involving children aged 17 and under who have committed delinquent acts that would be a crime if committed by an adult. The overall goal of the juvenile criminal justice system is to equip juvenile offenders with the framework to transition into responsible and productive adults. Rather than focusing on punishing the youth, the juvenile justice system focuses on accountability and rehabilitation. In most cases, courts favor corrective steps instead of punitive action. However, juveniles at least 13 years of age who commit serious offenses can be tried and charged as an adult. I will fight to keep the case in juvenile court and the charge off your child’s permanent record.

Helping You Protect Your Child

No matter how insignificant the offense seems, a criminal charge can prevent your child from attending the college of their choice or obtaining gainful employment in adulthood. Don’t let a one-time mistake permanently tarnish your child’s future. Discuss the details of your child’s case by scheduling an appointment at my office in Woodstock via email, or by calling 678-946-2530