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Self Defense Attorney in Woodstock, Georgia

Assertive Self-Defense Representation

Everyone wants to feel safe, and when a person feels threatened by another, they may use self-defense actions. In certain situations, the use of force, even deadly force, against another is warranted. However, after using nondeadly force, threats or deadly force against another person, law enforcement could question your actions.

To ensure your rights are protected, enlist help from the Law Office of Jay G. Wall. Using my experience as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, I have favorably resolved numerous cases related to firearms and self-defense. I also augment my criminal defense practice by lecturing on Georgia laws pertaining to the use of firearms and self-defense for U.S. LawShield.

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Criteria For Self-Defense Actions

Under Georgia law, you have the right to use nondeadly force and threats of force in response to someone else’s unlawful threats or forceful actions, including domestic violence. But, to use deadly force to protect yourself or others, you must be in reasonable apprehension of receiving serious imminent bodily harm or death. You have no duty to retreat before using force when:

  • You are defending yourself or others

  • You are defending your home

  • You are defending property other than your home

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While juries tend to respect a defendant who argues justified self-defense, it is difficult to successfully present a self-defense case in court. The jury will review the evidence and circumstances of your actions to determine if your actions were necessary. Avoid inadvertently harming your own case by working with a skilled lawyer who understands your side of the story from the start. We can discuss the facts of your case during a consultation at my office in Woodstock. Arrange yours by contacting my firm online, or call 678-946-2530