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In the state of Georgia, it is a serious offense to take someone else‘s property unlawfully with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of the object. A defendant convicted of theft may face harsh penalties, including lengthy imprisonment, huge fines, a criminal record, and other life-changing ramifications. Hence, if you have been arrested and charged with a theft or larceny offense, it is beneficial to speak with a Georgia criminal defense attorney to help create your defense.

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Don’t Face Charges of Theft Alone

As your attorney, Attorney Jay G. Wall will assess the aspects of your case and craft a solid defense strategy to maximize your prospects of the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances. Also, Attorney Jay G. Wall will argue vigorously to defend your legal rights and refute the accusations against you with overwhelming facts and evidence.

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Understanding Theft Charges in Georgia

According to Georgia criminal laws, a person commits the offense of theft by taking if they unlawfully take or appropriate another person’s property with an intent to deprive the rightful owner of their property. Some common types of theft or larceny offenses in Georgia include:

Theft by taking


Theft of services


Theft by deception

Theft by receiving stolen property
Theft by conversion
Theft of lost or mislaid property
Theft by bringing stolen property into the state
Theft by receiving property stolen in another state
Theft of trade secrets
Obtaining property by false promises
Theft by shoplifting
Theft by extortion
Cheating or defrauding a retailer.
Livestock theft
Converting leased personal property.
However, the burden of a theft allegation can be overwhelming. An experienced attorney can help investigate every aspect of your case comprehensively and determine the best way to defend your theft charges.

Classification of Theft Charges

Furthermore, theft offense can be classified into two, depending on the value or type of item stolen. These include:

Misdemeanor Theft

A theft offense is considered to be a misdemeanor if the value of the stolen property is $500 or less.

Felony Theft

Conversely, a theft offense is considered to be a felony if the following applies:

  • The value of the stolen property is at least $500.
  • The property stolen is anhydrous ammonia, a motor vehicle value of $100 or more, a firearm, a destructive device, or an explosive.
  • The theft involved a breach of fiduciary relationship.
  • The theft involved a gravesite.

A knowledgeable Georgia theft defense attorney can tell you about the nature of your charges and help identify the possible defenses.

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Theft by Shoplifting

Under Georgia law, a person commits theft by shoplifting offense if he or she – alone or with another person – does any of these acts with intent to appropriate merchandise without paying:
Takes possession or conceals the merchandise of any store.
Changes the price tag or marking on goods in a retail establishment.
Transfers the goods of any store from one container to another.
Interchanges the label or price tag from one item with another.
Wrongfully pays a lesser amount than the good’s actual price stated by the merchant.
If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with theft by taking or shoplifting, you need to reach out to a practiced criminal defense attorney straight away. Your legal counsel can inform you about the immediate and life-long implications of a theft conviction and strategize an effective defense.

Penalties Involved With Theft Charges

In Georgia, theft offenses usually carry far-reaching implications. Depending on the dollar value of the property or services stolen, a theft conviction could possibly result in any of the following penalties and consequences:
Prison sentences (ranging from months, years, or decades)
Substantial fines and court fees
A criminal record
Community service
Loss of the right to vote during elections
Ineligibility for certain financial loans
Increased difficulty in traveling to other countries
Increased difficulty in securing accommodation, employment, or government assistance.
A dependable attorney can identify possible defenses to your theft allegations and determine the best defenses to fight your charges, and help you avoid the devastating ramifications of a criminal conviction.

Occurring Theft Defenses

If you’re facing false theft charges in Georgia, your legal representative can help fight your allegations using any of these legal defenses:
Falsely accused of theft
Reasonable belief in the truth of threat (for extortion)
No intention of stealing the property
Acted with the consent of the property owner or store owner.
Truth or ambiguity of the statement
The property was taken under a good faith belief of having the right to take it.
Borrowed the property and intends to return it to the rightful owner.
An experienced Georgia theft defense attorney can look into every aspect of your specific situation and determine the options to argue your charges.

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Accusations of theft, larceny, or shoplifting can possibly jeopardize your personal reputation, liberty, quality of life, career, and future opportunities. However, trying to defend these theft charges without reliable representation could potentially expose you to the risks of suffering the maximum penalties. Therefore, when facing theft charges, you need to hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney for clear legal direction and to help build your defense.

Attorney Jay G. Wall has the resources to defend individuals charged with theft from the worst possible punishments. With more than ten years of prosecutorial experience, Attorney Jay G. Wall knows the ropes and can always use that to your advantage when representing you in court. Above all, he will work zealously to uphold your rights and freedom and make sure those accusations don’t ruin your life.

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