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Traffic Violations Attorney in Woodstock, Georgia

Tough Defense Against Driving Violations

Even a conscientious driver can get ticketed for speeding or another moving violation. Most drivers choose to simply pay the ticket and move on without considering the additional long-term costs and consequences.

By paying the ticket, you admit guilt to a traffic offense, which can affect your driving record and your insurance costs. At the Law Office of Jay G. Wall in Woodstock, Georgia, I can help you protect your ability to drive, your driving record and your insurance rates.

Need Help Fighting a Ticket?

Efficiently Handling Minor and Serious Traffic Offenses

A traffic violation can end up costing you far more than a one-time fine or court fees. Georgia uses a points system for driving violations, assigning points based on the severity of the offense. Insurance companies base your rates off the points on your driving record. Accumulating points for minor infractions can lead to elevated insurance rates, which can last up to five years. Additionally, accumulating 15 points within 24 months can lead to license suspension.

I have nearly 10 years of trial experience handling driving violations related to:

  • Speeding and excessive speeding

  • Driving without insurance

  • Driving with a suspended license

  • Reckless driving

  • Aggressive driving

  • Improper passing

  • Drunk driving

  • Fatal accidents

  • Commercial license violations

Contact Me Before You Pay

Instead of just paying a traffic ticket to quickly put it behind you, let me help you review the existing points on your record and your options for fighting the charge. Make an informed decision with my help by arranging a consultation at my office in Woodstock. To schedule yours, call 678-946-2530 or reach my firm by email.